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  • “Timeless Beauty” by Emilia Biedrzycka


    Opening reception: Thurs 19th July, 6-9 pm

    We are pleased to invite you to the opening night reception of “Timeless Beauty” by Emilia Biedrzycka.”Timeless Beauty” features portrait photography capturing the beauty of mature women. “With this project I want to use my photographic skills to capture the essence of women who have lived their lives showing their outer and inner selves proving that beauty is timeless, that we all have something special that other people can see, something very personal and distinctive that makes us unique. Something that makes a woman truly beautiful – personality, kindness, strength of character, sense of humor, spirituality, life experience and the passing time. All these features are ‘written’ on our faces and I want to show in my photos that the combination of all these aspects makes us beautiful and unique. The vital energy that women have no matter what age and the stories they have to tell “


    Emilia is a Dublin based photographer born in Poland. An important part of the Inspire Galerie team since 2017.This is her first solo exhibition. Developed over the past twelve months and featuring portraits of women chosen personally by her thus, building up a relationship with each model and capturing a sense of who they are while being a relatable study of women who have lived their lives.






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