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  • “Summer Night City” group show


    Coming Soon: Thurs 26th July, 6-9pm


    We are delighted to invite you to the opening reception of our latest group show “Summer Night City.” This show features the work of a number of incredibly talented artists of various styles and subject matters. The exhibition will be on for four days until July 30th.


    “Summer Night City” is the culminating project of the summer gallery intern Malcolm McCann. Malcolm is from Boston Massachusetts and is a college student at Pitzer College outside of LA. He studies Art History and Art and has been working at the Inspire Gallery for the past two months learning about curating and organising contemporary art exhibitions. This will be his first exhibition that he will curate on his own.


    The Artists:

    Sylwia Bartosz

    David Booth

    Conor Campbell(Artist)

    Tara Kearns Art
    James Kirwan Art
    Enzo Marra
    Egoluna Art by Enza Mc Donald
    Chris O Hara
    Sofia Monika Swatek








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