Solo shows



We at In-spire Galerie are looking for creative people with passion, unique style, interesting technique and good ideas. Artists showing their works at In-spire Galerie do not have to be art college graduates but they certainly have to be experienced in their specific area of art.


Openings of exhibitions at In-spire Galerie are usually organised two to three times a month. Each show runs no longer than two weeks– the average show is one week. Our schedule is booked a year in advance: it gives enough time for professional promotion and preparation of each event. However, we encourage you to see if your desired time is open and if it is not we can work to find a time that works for you and the gallery.


Along with the main gallery space on the ground floor, we have a downstairs room that is available for shows as well. In the past we have had multiple shows conconcurrently; one on the ground floor and one in the basement.





Most commonly our exhibitions are of a  solo artists but there is also the possibility of being involved in a group show or exhibiting works in our resident collection (online gallery available).


Submissions are ongoing. We accept applications from abroad. Below is an outline of what is needed to apply.


If you are interested in exhibiting at In-spire Galerie please send:

*6-10 images of your works (high resolution, with titles, technique, prices)

*your website address or social media

*description of the project 

*short information about you


Our email address is and our Facebook page is Inspire Galerie Dublin