“Silent Landscape” by Maureen O’Neill

  • “Silent Landscape” by Maureen O’Neill

    0-4Opening: Thurs October 18, 2018


    We are delighted to announce the opening of “Silent Landscape” a solo exhibition of paintings by Irish artist Maureen O”Neill.


    Maureen O’Neill is a contemporary artist working from her art studio in Newport, Co Mayo. Her work is driven by the intuitive journey of discovering rural landscape. Join us for the opening night reception and meet the artist and her work.




    The exhibition will be opened by guest speaker Senator Michelle Mulherin.


    Michelle is a member of the Joint Oireachtas Committees for Public Service Oversight and Petitions and for the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht. She is Chair of the Fine Gael Internal Committee for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. She is also a member of AWEPA.
    A strong supporter of the arts we look forward to welcoming Michelle to Inspire and help launch Maureen’s solo exhibition.




    In Physical Geography, a Palimpsest Landscape is one where in any given region, the different landforms that make up the landscape are not of the same age, with some surface landforms being very young because they are being shaped at the present time (such as gravel bars within today’s rivers), and other surface being old (sometimes millions of years old) because they were shaped under climatic conditions or by processes that are no longer present in that region (Bloom, 2002). Those landforms that are no longer developing under today’s conditions are termed ‘relict’ (surviving from another period) because they were formed at some point in the past when conditions or environments were different or operated at a different magnitude to the present. Spatially, therefore, landscapes are composed of a mosaic of active and inactive landforms of different ages.


    This term encompasses the idea of the landscape consisting of layers where one can read it and view it as a text. The focus of landscape in this exhibition is of a rural one, a mosaic of sorts where the emphasis of the landscape is a priority and always has a sense of place in many peoples lives.
    Remembering is a very spatial experience, this for example shows the power of the landscape. When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to get away but after a period I felt like I was being pulled back. This is where the primacy of landscape is particularly observed in the importance of ones roots.


    This exhibition is based on my roots and the works are based on enduring memories buried within my chosen medium; working over paintings in multiple layers, erasing and filling in thin lines with bold colors, I strive to retain the impulsive nature of drawing while deploying uniquely painterly techniques.
    I also draw on mythology, literature and folklore to create what I hope are unique and dynamic memory pieces.





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