Younousse Tamekloe

Younousse was born June 2, 1983 in Port Gentil, Gabon, and, later he moved to Togo.He studied with artist Dabla Ayaovi. Living and working against the rich cultural backdrop of West Africa. Younousse finds inspiration from the natural beauty of the land. His art is a mediation on the many concerns of the world we live in today. He uses structure, form, and, natural techniques to capture a visual picture of each of his subjects. He search’s for understanding and harmony taking the viewer on a creative journey where they can engage themselves in the stories he tells. He continued his art practice in Togo and Ghana after travelling across Africa. He was associated with Centre des beau de Fes, Morocco and also has had work shown at Inspire Galerie in Dublin, Ireland including, his first solo exhibition in Ireland, “Colours of Grace” in May 2014. Now based in Europe, he continues his practice adding new dimensions to his work. Approaching each canvas with a desire to explore a variety of topics and deconstruct their complexities and by doing this show faith in the artists ability to capture the colours and grace of life in all its diversity.