Karen Hickey

Karen has been drawing since she was a small child. People as subjects have always interested her the most. In 2006 she began taking courses in Life Drawing and Portrait Drawing, where she learned how to approach these topics in a more refined way. The artists who tutored these courses included Nina Patterson, Tom Been, Judith Ostermayer and Kenneth Donfield.
Over these last ten years she have participated in many Art workshops, all of them very freeing and fun but also very informative on how to approach art in many different ways.
In September 2016 she began a course in Drawing and Painting the Figure at the National College of Art and Design. An academic course including the study of the Great Masters of the Arts.
Karen’s personal approach is driven by a mixture of instinct and a subject matter that she find interesting, which so far is people, their expressions, mood, movement and emotion.  Her aim is always to create pieces which are alive, colourful, fun, expressive and emotional.
She is inspired by many artists, including Amedeo Mondigliani, Kees van Dongen, Klimt, Egon Schiele and Mary Swanzy.
The artist likes to explore feelings and how us humans express or don’t express them. She captures a depth of feeling in interesting settings, telling stories along the way enticing the viewer and taking them into  new worlds.
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