Jeremiah Odea
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Born in Leeds, England 1974. Moved to West Cork Ireland in the late 80s, growing up with a thirst for life and energy, generosity of spirit and exuberant expression of life. In later years, after a colourful and early start, settled in Galway, a city known for its arts and music culture.
Storytellers, poets, musicians, painters, and sculptors hold Galway in their grasp, keeping it from being just another city.
This fact is largely responsible for many blow-in artists staying and settling in Galway, myself included. here learning from other artists and performers. These skills carried me around Europe and the continents in good stead for several years enjoying many diverse cultures , not a life of luxury by any means but very potent in awareness and spirituality. From this I gained respect and knowledge for the arts on a worldwide scale acknowledging the vast and profound need for human expression with in all walks of life.
The word humble is a great description of how I look at the world, of how I perceive people, how I perceive life, this unconditional gift. this everchanging masterpiece for some years now the concept of my work has grown from an idea for elaborate interior designs into a passion for expressions of my own making with aspiring thoughts that time will lend the same appreciation to another whom may look upon my work for inspiration .