Anna Hryniewicz

I paint intuitively, losing myself to create something that will surprise myself in a positive way. It sometimes takes a long time to happen.

I have been committed to painting abstraction for over 12 years, when I obtained my MA in Fine Arts in 2004. But before that, I have loved and  leaned towards abstraction since I can remember.

I create works that are about colour and line, I explore surface in search of light, gesture, space, motion. I have an open and dynamic practice, which doesn’t have a formula, it’s all about experimenting and looking for interesting solutions. Once painting begins the original idea evolves in unexpected way. This happens through a messy, intuitive process of collecting marks, traces, lines or overpainted surfaces.

When I start painting I step into the “unknown” to discover something new, that I cannot plan beforehand. I seem to be constantly changing my inner world on canvas, looking for lines and colours that create evocative, emotional image. Drawing, destroying, painting over, until I’m sure the work is complete. Each piece becomes very personal and evolves through “chaos”, with marks and traces of the previous layer. I carefully decide which of them will stay, and which will go to help others exist.