“Holding Therapy” weekly workshop hosted by Inner Goodness

  • “Holding Therapy” weekly workshop hosted by Inner Goodness


    36064462_1714183105315402_7815862604861014016_nWeekly on Tues beginning 3rd July, 6-9 pm


    We would like to invite you to attend a series of transformative workshops the occur each Tuesday from 6-9 pm. The cost is 25 euros per person. A life changing experience awaits, where you can rekindle your relationship with yourself and other people  For the first time in Ireland, a technique developed by Czech therapist Jirina Prekop will be enacted in “Holding therapy.”


    Jirina developed her own therapy method based on the basic human instinct of a natural connection between baby and mother. The purpose of her therapy is restoration of this primal bond between mother and child, a first connection we have with other human beings which has a crucial effect on every single relationship we conduct with others later in life. For many reasons this bond can be broken. For example – birth by caesarean creation. Unconsciously we can carry with us this trauma into adulthood, which can manifest as deeply embedded fear, anxiety and depression. Restoration of that bond is a powerful healing method. Effects are permanent. Pekop’s method is popular in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and now for the first time is coming to Ireland.


    Who is the workshop for ?


    Everyone who wants to restore a deep connection with themselves by healing their inner child.

    Someone who struggles with self confidence and no self belief.

    People who have trouble with commitment to themself, other people and in romantic relationships.

    People who “give too much” and loose themself in other people.

    Those who lost joy of life and don’t feel “driven” any more.

    Someone who is balanced and happy and wants to explore their inner self using this method.



    Beata Ptaszek- Family Constellation method facilitator with ten years of experience of doing this kind of work. She is constantly study and updating her skills. (she train with Bert Hellinger himself) Recently she start to accommodating into her practice Jirina Prekop “Holding Therapy” and holds a Diploma in Psychology.


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