“Fade” painting exhibition by Linda Coogan Byrne

  • “Fade” painting exhibition by Linda Coogan Byrne


    Opening reception: Thur 6th July 2017, 6-9pm


    “Fade” by Linda Coogan Byrne is a visual exploration of the isolation, despair, neglect and inevitable deterioration of animals and the environment at the hand of man.


    This series offers a glimpse into the fragmented lives and ecosystems that are a result of human greed within the failed agribusiness model that supplies the food industry and the entertainment and tourist industry which sees the mistreatment of animals and nature within human sport, visual entertainment, poaching/hunting and deforestation to name but a few.


    In Fade | the deterioration of the subject matter is captured in the blurred, distorted way in which the pieces are finished. This is achieved through the use of vivid sharp and exaggerated strokes by using ethically sourced paintbrushes and found objects, such as ripped cardboard, ear buds & recycled wood, as the vehicle to drive the paint across canvas, wood and paper.


    “There is a conscious movement happening right now around the globe, more and more people are moving away from animal based foods/products, along with negative energy sources and are consciously choosing a more compliant and economically friendly mode of living that benefits not just ourselves but our fellow earthlings and the environment. Through this series of Art pieces I will focus in on the well-known animals within the tourism, meat and entertainment industry. As well as places affected globally by climate change. I want to make the spectator think about the animal as a sentient being if nothing else, who is deserved of a more compassionate life at the hands of humans. I am asking the spectator to think about their role in the importance of looking after the world we live in, if even for a short period of time”.

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