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  • “Don’t Be Used” an evening with Shelia “G-LA” Giles


    Opening Reception Thurs 26 April, 6-9pm


    In conclusion to our Uglified trilogy of exhibitions we invite you to an evening of art and performance by multi media artist Sheila G-La Giles.


    About the artist and her show:

    To tell you about myself is to describe the life of many an Artist, Musician or Person trying to live their life true to themselves.

    I grew up in London. I met people from all over the World and every walk of life.
    I have lived in the US Boston, New York, Nandi in Fiji and visited several other

    I now Live in Dublin, Ireland.Mummy was born in Kerry and Dad in London. Thanks to Sister Columbanus I wrote Poetry from my early teens. I wonder if she ever thought I would develop into such a Socio-Political Commentator.

    In Association with a Trilogy of Group Shows Curated by Dino Notaro for
    Inspire Galerie, Dublin, I am showing some of my Multimedia Work. Work
    that has grown out of personal experience and expressed through my Poetry, Song Writing, Artwork and Music Production merging into the Video work.

    ‘Don’t Be Used’ is my plea for us all to stop and think about how we affect
    each other by our daily lives. The dark side overspills all our efforts to ‘get on’
    or ‘just get through’. We live in a time when our Consciences are waking up.

    The path of My ‘Waking up’ is mapped in all my work. I trust I will not bring
    you down tonight, but leave you with a sense of the power of the ‘NO’ word!







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