“Dialects” by Boz Mugabe

  • “Dialects” by Boz Mugabe

    41273899_2717126564971578_7014003944548466688_nOpening: Sat November 10, 6-9 pm

    DIALECTS is the result of 15 months of new work by Boz Mugabe. This is his 25th solo show. No pre-prepared or forced interpretation of this work is offered. This exhibition is funded entirely by the artist.

    BOZ MUGABE is a visual artist residing and operating in a murky garret somewhere in Ireland. His work is borne out of scrawling habits of a lifetime and a background in questionable underground publishing. He has exhed extensively around the bohereens and drumlins of his native country.

    In November 2014 his first major anthology of work entitled DIVINE TURBULENCE was published.

    In a former life Boz worked rapidly by candlelight on illicit and heretical codices, narrowly avoiding much deserved execution.




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