“Against All Odds” by Eoin Kinsella

  • “Against All Odds” by Eoin Kinsella


    Opening Reception: Thurs 5th April 2018, 6-9pm


    Inspire Galerie is exuberant to invite you to the opening night reception of this solo exhibition of works by Irish artist Eoin Kinsella. The exhibition will continue at the gallery for a one week run until April 12th. with daily viewing to the public and private viewing by appointment.


    About the Artist:

    Eoin Kinsella (KinseArt) has a background in animation, graphic design and mental health care. Having drawn from an early age he has revisited his passion for creating portraits and illustration in recent years. Currently Eoin designs his artwork with his main tool of choice being an ink pen that creates flowing lines with dotted detail. He has developed his style over time incorporating portraits, surrealism and wellbeing. Eoin draws inspiration from various artists, activists and the idea of fostering the human connection.


    Concept behind Against All Odds:

    Someone’s past doesn’t have to dictate their future. One can triumph over suffering and adverse circumstances in life. By connecting with people, community and oneself much healing, awareness, change and growth can take place. Mental health, wellbeing and connection are paramount to experiencing this wonderful life. The exhibition illustrates this concept through hands connecting, sometimes in turbulent circumstances. Through fostering this human connection a sense of wellbeing, belonging and love can be experienced. Against all odds one can connect and prosper!




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