About Us


In-spire Galerie is an independent art space located in the heart of Dublin.


Our gallery is an ideal place for any art event because of its very convenient location. We are based in the city centre, close to the Luas and Connolly Dart station. The gallery is divided into three rooms and with its high ceilings and victorian windows offers a perfect creative environment.


In-spire Galerie is focused on the co-operation with professional artists from around the world. We are looking for creative people with passion, unique style, interesting technique and good ideas.


Openings of exhibitions at In-spire are usually organised once a month. The selection of works for our solo, group shows and online gallery is made by people fully qualified in the specific areas of art, co-operating with In-spire.

Our goal is to enrich the irish art scene with innovating works of international artists.


In-spire’s main mission is to unite with artists, to help them to get inspiration and assistance in such a difficult profession and be part of the rejuvenation of Dublin Inner City.


We also educate amateur artists by offering a selection of different courses. Our goal is to give knowledge and experience in specific areas of art and answer all possible questions.


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Sofia Swatek

Sofia Monika Swatek is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland since 2007. She has successfully continued developing her career internationally as a painter and an art curator at MadArt Gallery, established in 2008. In 2012 she opened her own art gallery in the heart of Dublin, In-spire Galerie. Sofia also teaches art and acts as the curator of exhibitions and director at In-spire Galerie.

Dino Notaro

Dino Notaro is Irish/Italian. He was born in Dublin and over the years has travelled exstensively and collaborated with artists both in Ireland and abroad. After curating Younousse Tamekloe's solo exhibition at the gallery in May 2014 he joined In-spire team in october 2014. He has played a part in developing the new look of the gallery and in aquring artists for our resident collection. Dino  is overlooking the day to day running of the gallery and  admistration of exhibitions/workshops/events.


Younousse Tamekloe

Resident artist and consultant

Calvin Duffy

Gallery photographer and video maker

Shaun M. Neary

Gallery photographer





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